New Home Construction
in Halifax, Nova Scotia

At Whitestone, we like to think of “Build Smart” as a way to meet the needs of the homeowner while providing added comfort, energy efficiency and lessening the impact on the environment. While efficient building looks at how a home will lessen impact on the world, “Build Smart” looks at efficient building and how the people within those homes will be affected. Since 1995, Whitestone has been building homes of all shapes and sizes to suit our clients’ needs. Whether you're looking for a classic saltbox, a contemporary two storey or the vacation home of your dreams, we have the ability to build it. We’d be honoured to build you a home that everyone will be proud of.

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Why Whitestone

We Do Things Differently

What others consider extra, we consider standard. From insulated sheathing and heat pumps to backwater flow valves, electrical outlets in your eaves and finished basements, we think of it all.

Energy Efficiency

We use ultra energy efficient homes to make your life easier and more enjoyable. We follow the R-2000 standard and ensure the average new home has an EnerGuide rating of 80. We install ultra efficient windows, low flow toilets and faucets, raised heel trusses, etc.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

After 20 years in the business providing families with award-winning homes, we wanted to do something extra special for our valued customers. We’re proud to announce that Whitestone is the only homebuilder in Nova Scotia to offer AIR MILES® Reward Miles.

Environmentally Friendly

We take environmental best practices into consideration every step of the way. With local and recycled material, reduced material waste, ow toxicity finishes and underground wiring.


With Flex Home Design, we enable homeowners to change their home as their needs change. A young couple may design a den that can become a child’s bedroom. Hallways and doors can be made wider for a future wheelchair. Our homes can grow with you.

Families Building for Families

We are family owned and operated and recognize the support and advice you need through the building and renovating process. We’re heavily involved in the building industry and community.

"The Whitestone staff has been wonderful. They took time to listen to us, resolve our problems, make our changes and answer all of our questions."

- MeMe and John

Start your build today

The most important aspect to home construction is the homeowner. We work with you to address lifestyle needs, creating homes that are more comfortable and more efficient. Reach out to us today to get started.

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